We are your partner for the implementation of process research plants. Our service spans from basic engineering and detailed planning to construction and commissioning of plants. Depending on the requirements, individual components up to complete plants can be realized. In addition to process engineering and detailed planning, our core competences lie in the processing of stainless steel and plastics such as: acrylic glass. Let our project examples convince you on making the right choice. Contact us, discussing your project.

Plant design

3D plant design in Solid Edge

Plant design is an important part of our business. Starting from the initial discussions and going through the execution together, we rely on short communication channels and close coordination in order to plan as efficiently as possible and continuously making sure to meet the expected requirements.

In the area of plant design, we have many years of experience, especially in fluidized bed technology. In addition to functional requirements, all necessary safety standards are taken into account to ensure safe operation.

Being in regular cooperation with large partners, we are also well prepared creating and exchanging suitable production drawings, parts lists, etc. using latest CAD software. Many of the system components can also be manufactured directly by us.

Our plant design for you:

  • Conceptual design and feasibility studies
  • Design and calculation
  • P&ID drawings
  • Creation of 3D plans, production drawings, parts lists
  • Support in safety-relevant subject areas
  • Specification and selection of additional system components (valves, pumps, measuring equipment etc.)
  • PCS programming and evaluation tools

Plant construction

Having an in-house workshop and comprehensive machinery, we can implement your ideas quickly. If the system components come from a single source, from the drawing to completion, no information is lost, and functionality is guaranteed. Through continuous customer contact, changes can be dealt with quickly so that the product meets your high expectations.

Our CNC-assisted lathes and milling machines for metal and plastics as well as modern welding machines for aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel enables precise production in house! In addition, a dense network of partner companies is available, which means that even larger projects can be carried out in high quality and on time. In addition to the mechanical production, we also support you with instrumentation an process automation and, on request, we deliver complete turnkey solutions.

Our plant engineering for you:

  • Handling of acrylic / plexiglass for demonstration models / cold flow models
  • Processing of aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel
  • CNC-assisted milling and turning
  • Procurement of additional process equipment
  • Network of industrial partners for larger parts
  • Design and construction of control cabinets and wiring
  • PCS design and programming
  • Commissioning of the systems

Project examples

TSA research plant

Cold flow model

Fluidized bed synthesis

Heat transfer test rig

High temperature fluidized bed

Fluidized bed educational model

  • Description: educational model for demonstration of bubbling fluidized bed basics
  • Partner: Wien Energie
  • Tasks: design and construction

Fluidized bed educational model

  • Description: Educational model for demonstration of Geldart particle classes and 2d fluidized bed for demonstration of mixing mechanism in bubbling fluidized beds
  • Partner: TU Wien
  • Tasks: detailed design and manufacturing


We are happy to see a growing number of national and international clients. Let us convince you, too!


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